Three 8 colour Roto-Gravure Printing machines

Three 8 colour Roto-Gravure Printing machines with speed of 300Mts/Per Minute and having features as auto-registration, web video and defect detection system that gives consistent and high quality printing.


We have Solvent Base and Solvent free facilities.

Solvent-free machine is with 400mts/Per Minute speed and Saolvent Bases machine is with 300mts/Per Minute speed.

Slitting Machine

Two High Speed Slitters

Two High Speed Slitters with speed of 500 Mts / Per Minute.


For making customized pouches

We have pouching facilities that can make customized pouches such as Center Sealed, Side Sealed, Side Gusset, Standy, Reusable and Pouches with Spout, Zip Lock, V Notch, Soft Corners, Hanger Hole and Loop, Perforated Strips Pouches.20 Nos. of Side Sealign Machine, Three Nos, of centre sealing machine, 03 Nos. of Three Side Sealing Machine


We've four HM extruders and one LDP Extruder

Q.C. & R&D Lab

State of the Art, Quality Control Equipments

● Dart impact Tester

● Oven

● Gramage Weigh Scale

● COF Testing Machine

● Tear Tester

● Opacity Tester

● Digital Tensile & Peel Strength Tester

● Melt Flow Index Tester

● Humidity Chamber

● Bursting Strength Tester